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Must admit I am surprised to read that, although that must free up quite a bit of money to bring in new players as he can't have been cheap.


Out of interest, how would you guys rate his season for you?



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Started very slowly, got better, became very good actually, got his picture in the paper lifting the cup, couldn't be arsed to turn up, binned.


That sum's it up nicely jl applaus.gif

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Tend to agree with JL. He was a good player on his day and definetely made a difference when he showed up, just didn't fancy showing up often enough.

As Town Crier stated earlier in week, far too many players only showed up this season when it mattered to them (last game, cup final), when it mattered to us the fans e.g. gettting promoted the commitment just didnt seem to be there from some.

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