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Quote - "The FA announced a sub-committee of 6 people to look into reducing the curent 14 step 5 leagues into 12 step 5 leagues, of 22 clubs each, with each ground fully compliant and the new structure to be in place for the 2013/14 season"


This could have a big effect on the CCL. It's said that the Essex and Hellenic Leagues are the one's who got a bit hot under the collar. It's my view that they look the most likely to downgraded to step 6 leagues as essex hasn't got a step 6 at the moment and the Hellenic's is full of reserve teams. If that happens I expect the CCL will gain the likes of Bracknell, Ascot, Wokingham, Binfield, maybe even Reading which makes sense considering the FA put Windsor in our league and not the Hellenic. Unless there are forced relegations it could mean Croydon being put back into an expanded Kent League as that's short on numbers and maybe Horley into the Sussex League as that's also got less in it than the FA want.

Of course, it's possible it won't happen in the timescale the FA want but there could be some big changes ahead around here. I have no idea how it will affect the CCL division 1 and the other step 6 divisions.


While I'm here, here's a map showing the current areas covered by step 5. As you can see, we're the smallest league by quite a bit although Guernsey isn't included on there.



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Mmm very interesting!! The only problem I think is that it still doesnt resolve the the problem.The ideal senario of the pyramid system is that it should be 1, 2, 4, 8 etc. Then you dont have this anomolie of having teams relegated from 2 divisions i.e. BS North and South going into 3 divisions, it just doesnt work. I am not saying for one minute that it would be, or indeed is easy to sort out,but bearing in mind it was the FA who created this problem, I dont think they are capable of solving it. My only suggestion would be to go, I know this would lose three divisions,but the FA are looking to lose two anyway. With 4 divisions at step three it should improve travelling at this level and step 4 but be worse at some step 5 leagues.The advantage would be that each league could promote two teams whilst receiving two. Knowing the FA the pyramid will become the Trapesium where five leagues go into three except on Wednesdays!!!!!!!!

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