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Spoof Message from Jeff King at G&N

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I notice that some joker has posted a message on the Gravesend and Northfleet message board purporting to come from Jeff King (the real one). Fortunately, not too many fans have been taken in by the spoof message that was, no doubt, intended to stir up some aggro between our two sets of supporters.

Having been one of the CanveyFC.Com webmasters for some five years, Jeff has NEVER posted a message on our board or asked Ian or myself to post any message on his behalf. Nor have I ever known him post a message on any other club's board. The chances of him posting such an arrogant message on the G&N board must be on a par with Croydon doing the impossible and beating both Canvey and G&N to the championship spot at the end of the season.<p>Posting offensive messages is one thing (not to be confused with the harmless and silly postings from such people as Dr Zbungle) but hiding behind someone else's name is something else.<p>Merv CIFC (not my real name!)

mervyn@canveyfc.com (my real email address)

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