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Windsor v Shrivenham

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Superb performance from Windsor, particularly impressed with Yash again, seems he can't stop scoring at the minute!


All four goals were excellent and its encouraging to see them coming from all over the pitch.


It may have taken a while for the team to get going, but once the first goal went in the result was ineveitable really. If we keep playing like this most of the teams in the league won't be able to compete.


On a side note, nice to see Jake Parsons back, he didn't even come on and he still 'hit the bar!' :lol:

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Yash (2) Ryan O'Toole (1) & Dapo (1)


Good performance all round & a good game played in the best spitit as well,thought Shrivenham played well too,but as said above I

don't think the result was ever in doubt.

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a very good performance against a good side. they kept going right till the end and kept trying to play it out with out resorting to lumping it forwards which made it enjoyable to watch.

yash and dapo were superb, thoroughly deserving their goals, and there plenty of positives on show. it appeared that when the goal went in for them, which although well worked should never have been allowed to happen, windsor just upped a gear straight away.


jake parsons will be a different class in this league, and i look forward to him running rings around full backs at this level.


baptiste, according to the local rag was not signed following his trial game and that i feel is entirely understandable. with the addition of jake we now have several players that are of very high quality that can play out wide and baptiste just didnt offer enough last week to suggest he was good enough imo.

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