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Windsor v Badshot Lea

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I'd have sworn I updated this earlier, but oh well...

Anyway, text from Mr B indicated that we were 2-0 up, then 3-1, and overall we should have won easily.


So I figure this was quite a close-seeming game.

Overall, probably, I'd rather we have loads of chances and (generally) convert few, rather than only a few chances with a better conversion rate: maybe we win the same number of games but it's so much better to watch. But I suspect the Colonel is the opposite way - make a few chances and take all of them. And, well, can't argue with results.

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Yes he is Rother. Really unlucky not to score with a header which was cleared off the line.


I thought man of the match was Chris Ellis. So positive in the area and forcesful on the ball. Tooley's second was class - another example of a goalkeeper rooted to the spot as it flies past him. Our third was a true comedy moment from their keeper. We absolutely dominated the first half. Second half, Badshot Lea came into it more. But we should have won by much more. Highlights of the day were Sam going nuts and Vicky nursing the mother of all hangovers!

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fagan played yesterday so hes around for the time being. it ended up being a tight game but only because we made hard work of it. 2-0 at half time could and should have been a lot more, against a side whose league position astounds me. i would go as far to say that there have only been one or two sides as poor as badshot with regards to playing style that i have seen so far this season. they had a little black guy up front who scored their first goal, who was incredibly pacy and skillful but asides from that i felt they offered very little asides from being overly physical and just lumping it forwards. we had plenty of chances and could have won a lot more easily than we did, although we seemed to lose our way in the second half.

their keeper made an absolute howler for the 3rd goal, which after winding up the fans only served to come back to haunt him. despite his language he offered his best wishes at the end and credit to him for that. a wins a win and on another day with better finishing it could have been a lot more comfortable.


one disappointing aspect came near the end, with the actions of the badshot captain. after tussling before a throw with dappy, he then proceded to kick him up in the air, making imo very little effort to win the ball when dapo was shielding it in the corner. this came only seconds after the referee told him for all to hear that he was captain and that he should lead by example. it's a shame that the referee didnt have the bottle to produce red, considering the appalling nature of the tackle.

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