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Windsor v Wembley

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Too late.


It takes me longer than that to walk to the ground from home.


All joking aside, our back garden is rock solid at the moment and with the forcast showing the temps will not get higher than 2 degrees it just made me wonder if we will get our Windsor fix this weekend.


And to top it all off there are very fine snowflakes falling outside as I type.

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Not sure it helps but we have made the decision to postpone the Windsor Youth training at Stag Meadow Saturday because of the current rock hard state of the training pitch and the probable weather issues.


I was at the ground yesterday and the main pitch was rock solid as expected but Ian was working on it so who knows.........perhaps a miracle may happen?

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Believe me, I would love to see the game go ahead but I can not realistically see this happening. The forecast is for more snow and freezing temperatures. Hopefully common sense will prevail and that the game can be called off early enough thus saving unnecessary expense.

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Latest news that I have is that if the game was scheduled to be played today at 3pm, it would definitely go ahead.


If the snow fails to materialise tonight, it will look promising for the weekend.


Come on you Stags!

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WindsorFC Programme Editor:


DECEMBER 2011 Guard on sale: Windsor

FC teamed up with Windsor & Eton Brewery and now sells

a range of local ales including the popular Guardsman, a

name that supporters have un-officially adopted as the

club’s nickname.


Hurrah! It's hitting home slowly :Dance:

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