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If you were England Manager..............


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Sod winning matches etc, just take the money and run. Will he be given a red card for

, I presume, he broke his contract


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My choice:



Walker Jones Dawson Baines


Young Gerard Rooney Sturridge





So you wouldn't have England's best player from the last year (Parker) or England's best player over the last 10 years (Ashley Cole).


Fair comment Richard. Feel that Cole past his best and doesn't appear motivated. Baines consistent and delivers the ball better and good with dead ball situations. Parker does a certain job well but no flexibility I feel. Also age not on his side so i prefer Rodwell. What's your preferred line up?

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Richards Shawcross Cahill Baines

A Johnson Cattermole Wilshere Oxlade-Chamberlain

Rooney Welbeck

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A 3-5-2 of



Dawson Jones Lescott


Walker Gerrard Parker Wiltshire Cole


Defoe Rooney


Subs: Foster,Cahill,Richards,Lennon,Cattermole,A.Johnson,Oxlade-Chamberlain.


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Walker?! Richards is the best in the business!

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Why anyone would suggest 2 novices at centre back is beyond me.ok Cahill is still young but has played a few times for England and has a few seasons under his belt.Both Smalling & jones are when Ferdinand and vidic are fit,second choice for club.

They both make too many mistakes for the risk to be taken in a major European tournament,plus Cahill is more of your old fashioned centre back whereas jones is more flamboyant,as a pairing I think they could work but not Smalling for me,I think he is lucky to be where he is in all honesty.

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Actually I'd say Evans is first reserve at the moment, he works well with Ferdinand and he was integral (paired with Vidic) to Man U's record defensive run in 2008-9. (I know he's not English.) Smalling strikes me as a Ferdinand replacement, not a Vidic, and Jones needs a bit more seasoning.


Says they'da kept Shawcross had they known Pique was going to leave, as it is, why not play the Stoke man for England alongside Cahill? (Or go Lescott of course, or Jagielka, but they're probably more Ferdinand replacements than Vidic/Terry types.)


When fit, Mike Turner could get a try too.

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