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Coming from a gooner,you want atmosphere lol





(and before you start,i am a gooner too and most arsenal fans nowadays are tossers who spend most of the match telling people to sit down for showing a bit of passion)

PS not saying you are a [****!!****] mate,just my experience of the emirates in the last few seasons ;)

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I didnt go yesterday but it seems we was poor.To be honest we haven't really clicked since beating concord back in late feb/early march.In my mind we had the chance to win it but for whatever reason we blew it,too many silly goals given away and not turning up for the bigger games.Our home form has been pathetic at times but ironically now we are at home in the play offs it's actually our home form that has been our saviour the last few weeks.

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Who do you want in them?


Least you put up a good fight, whenever we have choked we have bounced straight back. Also we have managed to pull back games to a draw which has helped us win it, where your lot seem to lose.


We shall not we shall not be moved!!


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I thought mistakes aside our best performance of recent weeks was the 2nd half display against wealdstone,and with Jolly doing the Marathon today,i am not sure he will be 100% for the play offs,not the ideal preparation in all honesty after a long hard season so hats off to him.

Definatly want Lowestoft in the final should we get there,i like them as a club but didn't rate them when we played them,thought we out muscled them when we had to and passed around them far too easy,probably put the mockers on it far too easily

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