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I said yesterday i wasn't prepared to wish them good fortune in any way after the cynical manner in which they played. Strange tho that the ref did play on, for which I'm grateful

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They certainly finished the stronger, especially when they got the equaliser - I suspect they've worked on their stamina as they've got a few late wins - Wouldn't say they dominated the game for long periods though.I thought it was fairly even for most of the game, perhaps we shaded the first half and Lowestoft the second.


As I said on another post, there was contentious issues on both sides (their No 5 was very fortunate to stay on the pitch, we got a somewhat dubious free kick right at the beginning of the game etc...). We have to accept that the standard of refereeing is going to be variable at this level - as we saw with the Bury game where the ref was appalling.

It's up to the ref to decide whether the game should continue and he chose to do so, He did this with Lewis Smith afterwards as someone else pointed out.


Sorry, I do waffle.

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Personally I thought we was the better side and just shaded it.Lowestoft had a period of 10-15 minutes in the first half but overall we had the better chances and more of the play.In the second half they came into the game and the three shots by guenchev from distance gave the impression they had more than us but the second half was pretty even as well.First half of extra time we were better,2nd half,once they got the equaliser they looked mire dangerous but maybe that was because they may not of fancied penalties.At that stage of the game it was set up for a goal on the break.

Overall I though we just deserved it,no one could of complained had it been a draw but no one should really be complaining when either side won it

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