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Just been told Great Wakering only new Team in ESL?

Ryman League Football at Clapton ? Good lyck to them with that. They'll need deep pockets to get The Spotted dog upto scratch.

Bobby people always knock young managers I had it in the ridgeons. Best way is to win games then they shut up.

Krooner - I am a manager now. I can't be seen on here mixing with the likes of you and Hookey. Hope you are well.


Good Man. I am glad you finally discovered that the ESL was a small pointless league to be associated with :)

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Mikey - I am not sure what your motive is for having a pop at me and the league. You are entitled to your opinion but I am sorry you feel like that.


Having experiences of both levels the difference appears to be the pace of the game. The olympian is a slower game but this enables a better quality of football - if you have that type of player of course. The ESL is a more physical league played at a much higher tempo. You can see that those boys train twice a week and are in much better shape. I saw Witham play a number of times last season and their plan A was route one and it was extremely effective. They were quicker and stronger than anyone they played against and deserved their honours.


Like any league there are good and bad examples. Burnham will always be a standout example of the ESL with a great facility and well run footballing side. Clapton will always be a hellhole with a team that arrive late for games looking like raggy rovers. There are also certain teams in the Olympian League that are championed as being good enough to compete in the ESL. These are really well run clubs with good facilities and good players. If you relegated Clapton or Basildon they would not challenge in the Olympian because the standard at the top is very good.


It is a debate that will rage on and, quite frankly, it is a waste of time because there will never be a way to prove it as facilities rule the day. If you have stands and floodlights you will be, at worst, in the ESL. If you do not then you will be, at best, in the Olympian Prem. I think both levels need to have respect for eachother as it appears the ESL look down their nose at the EOL and there are some frustrated clubs at EOL that are envious of ESL clubs.


From a personal point of view I am learning my trade at this level much like Mr Spillane (Frenford) and Mr Gardner (BGU) did and it hasn't served those guys too badly. Yes Mikey, I do think I am a manager but I don't need a camel coat to make me think that. Just because my club are, in your words, 'only step 7' it doesnt mean we take it any less seriously, that we are any less able or I am any less of a manager than a step 5 manager. Size doesnt matter, it's how you use it ;)

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That's the problem with football in this country at the moment from all levels from grass roots to lower league football eg league 1,2.


Our game is built on pace strength etc and less on technical ability and that's why even at the top level internationally we cannot compete.


Italy passed the writing of the ball the other evening while all we adapted was a kick and rush tactic and didn't make more than 5 passes consecutively in the whole game.


There are some terrible players in the Esl, ryman 1, prem all the way up the spectrum that are in teams simply because they have an 'engine' or are 6 foot 4 and head and tackle everything in their vicinity. But when they get the ball there's a problem.


We should be looking at players that can actually pass, control and KEEP the ball for their team at non league levels rather than just playing players that run up and down all game but when they have the ball are as effective as a 3 legged rocking horse at ascot.

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Hasn't your great buddy big bad Buddha just got the herongate managers position. I'm sure he'd be chuffed to hear his biggest fan hammering the league he will be competing in next year.


Probably with a side no where near as good as the southminster side that by all accounts walked the league last term.


That's your 'club photographer' role down the pan mate!


I've said it time and time again on here the Esl is a pub league these days no where near the league it was 5 years ago I wish people would stop banging on about it.


As you said WTF the difference only is the floodlights. Bet teams like burnham and Enfield can't wait to go and play FC BARRY this year!

Errr wrong, Lee Bunn is Herongate manager
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Am I wrong in saying your involved over there though bbb? In some capacity manager/assistant/coach


If this it not the case I apologise and stand corrected. Just information I heard from usually a reliable source on the Esl circuit.

Quite right mate I am involved in a sort of advisory ? capacity but Lee Bunn is definatly the manager not me
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some people are just out of their depth and don't realise it , word is he couldn't even organise a pre season training session let alone pre season games, the board soon realised they had been hoodwinked and replaced him

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Sunday teams cant enter the ESL no one can unless they meet the criteria need to finish top 3 in a step 6/7 league.

Really????? Ramsden finished 2nd bottom in the 4th tier of the Olympian league and they'll be represented in ESL next season :D

or maybe not!!!!

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London Bari I find what you say hard to believe cause I hear a Rymans player had been offered 100 a week to join, if that's what ur offering then it seems you do have a big budget... But has you say only you no the truth, I remember a certain team called witham say they did not have a big budget mmmmmm!


I just got some inside info from Bari that they ain't offering money to any new players. They are talking a good game. Money, they ain't got no money

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new teams can not start at step 5.

Oh yes they can. The following was taken from FA rules relating to the national league system


7. Election of a Club into a League

7.1 Usually a Club can only enter the NLS at Step 7. However, in exceptional circumstances a League may seek approval from the LC to elect a Club not currently in membership of a League within the NLS provided that there is: (a) a vacancy within its constitution (b the Club meets the entry criteria and © promotion and relegation issues have been satisfied.


The NLS rules also state


5.6 Clubs are not allowed to enter into a ground share agreement in order to gain promotion or to be saved from relegation.
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