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Match Preview: MFC vs Carshalton Athletic

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totally agree-no game is easy,and frankly i am amazed that carlshalton are so low in the league despite their mangerial hiatus.


Again-would take any win.


Interested in team selection tonight-it is certainly no gimme-but i do wonder whether CK may do some minor tinkering and start with the likes of rhodes,and maybe even scarborogh ,which would hardly weaken the side

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Its the Thanet de sol weather we have down there :D


Seriously I think later on this evening it will be very cold but not before game is completed and another 3 points in the bag!

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Walk in the park we are top of the league and having a laugh points in the bag roll on the next game and more points!


First half I think we just shaded it, but fair play to CAFC they never gave up and their No 2 IMO was their playmaker and ran his socks off for the full 90+ mins. However when CK bought on Rhodes for Murphy (not at his best) we sprung into life and terrorised them for a full 30 minutes of play, the goals were sublime and with Bodkins goal it showed composure and a little cheekiness but was excellently executed and the Blues went on to coast for the rest of the match needing only to parry and wind down the clock. Stiffer tests now await the boys and I would personally play Rhodes in place of Murphs all day long but we will have to waity and see. :)

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