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What is the league thinking?

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On my sunday jaunt to watch my eldest grandson play football and freeze his liitle socks off this morning, I bumped into one of the Runwell players. my first conern was they suffered a defeat yestaerday, however much more concerning is the apparent lack of ability from the league to grasp sense. The player (whom shall remain nameless) informed me that dispite Runwell only playing 9 league games due to the weather and of course the leagues ridiculaous decision to render runwells excellent pitch unplayable at the begining of the season, that they have somehow decided to give them another FREE WEEK next week while teams who have played double the amount all play. They gave Runwell a FREE WEEK, two weeks ago. Are the league completely mad. Runwell players and officials must be at a loss. I assume the fixtures job is a voluntree one but come on I believe they still require a little common sense.

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