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So somehow the weather has caused my indoor bowls to be called off so im at home pondering. Heres an idea for the Olympian and ESL to consider. It seems that the weather this season and probably in coming seasons is as adverse as it can be and the fixtures are taking a real pounding. Looking back through the worst of weather effected weeks it seems that very often on such days many reserve matches take place and in some cases as many as senior fixtures. If a first team fixture is called off and cant be switched to the away teams venue because there is a reserve game on instead, surely the first team fixture in these adverse times should take president. I realise that reserve players and others would be dissappointed but surely this is simply getting senior fixtures forfilled. I would love to know others views on this, especially someone from either league. Also if this idea is not appliable then something has to be done or decided quickly as time for this season is running out and both leagues but particually the Olympian league is likely to end in the nonsense of teams falling well short of completion, mainly due to most teams in it not having floodlit facilities and players will have very little chance of leaving work early 5 or 6 weeks in a row to kick off fixtures at a time to suit daylight hours.

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