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I got to the ground around 2 and looked at the pitch to see two or three areas where water was sitting on the surface. A few minutes later I heard Craig Edwards telling someone that the game was definitely on unless there was a down pour.


The game wasn't a classic, neither side were outstanding but both had a go and put the pressure on the other.


At 2-0 down it seemed a bit late to bring two attacking players on but it did almost pay off...


I will also add that if the '10 for 10' is that bad in future I'll pay £20 to not have them played!

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1K, exactly.

Football is being killed at this level by the same people who are supposed to be helping it.They are simply not in touch with your average fan on the street. Whoever says that cobs should charge a mi

It was £10 last year and the vast majority of clubs in this league charge £12 for admission. It was a much better performance today and we have to keep believing. Well done to all concerned for getti

Was very pleasantly surprised on 3 counts. Thought the pitch played a lot better than it looked (full marks to the ref for making the right decision). Thought the Blues played well and if you'd have parachuted in with no prior knowledge you'd have had trouble telling which team were the league leaders and which were in a relegation battle. And finally, thought that was a really great "10 for 10"!


Looking forward to Tuesday evening.


More of the same please.

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Was a good effort today tenfold up on Tuesday,


Didn't deserve to lose today but that's what seems to happen when your down the wrong end of the table.


A bad 10 from 10 ? not a bad track amongst them god know what you listen too.


Also was nice to see Mr Thompson from Upminster enjoying his afternoon (again) at the Lodge.


Heads up fella's got another big game on Tuesday.

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Don't know the attendance, would guess about 500, boosted only by a good travelling support. Sadly it seems the good efforts of the BTSA were in vain, it seems people simply don't want to watch football at the wrong end of the table.


As the for the game it was a fairly even match and we were unlucky to lose, but it happens when youre on bad run. Slack marking for one goal and then a scramble for the second. A late goal gave us short lived cruel hope, but it wasn't to be. Same effort on Tuesday and I'm sure we'll get something from the game

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Must admit, I had discounted this game as Welling are in a strong position to go up as Champions. However, come the end of the match, I walked away disappointed for the lads, as they deserved at least a point.


After Tuesday night Craig got the reaction he wanted, but not the result. Well done also to The Blue Army who were in fine voice despite the away contingent. COYB

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extaffyjim I have to disagree with that. People simply don't want to turn up to watch football in this weather or current economic climate. The club can't force people through the turnstiles. At the end of the day the league need to review it's admission regulations with regards to price and seriously lower them.


Blue Square South football should not cost £11+ to get in. That's escalated far and beyond where it should be. Maximum should be around £8 for adults.


Overall I thought it was a performance with pride and passion and we were unlucky to not come away with more.


We will stay up no worries about that.

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I think if we were pushing for title/playoffs in the Ryman league a lot more would have turned up today, even if you discount the ticket price factor. The numbers behind the goal today were embarassingly low, given the pre match hype and push for extra fans. Bad weather is a constant in any season, it is a winter sport, and granted the economic climate is poor, but it has been for 4 years or so.


I agree with your point about the prices though, the hardcore will pay however much to get in, but the casual fan won't want to fork out £12, compared to last years £8 (i think), for, let's face it, very little difference in entertainment value or quality on the pitch. Not blaming the club for this by the way

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Football is being killed at this level by the same people who are supposed to be helping it.They are simply not in touch with your average fan on the street.

Whoever says that cobs should charge a minimum of £11 is an idiot,there should be a maximum a club can charge but no minimum.

If a club then wants to rip its fans off,they will suffer eventually.

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Like other I am quite frustrated that we didn't get a point from the game, we created a few half chances that on another day we might have been able to get on the end of.


The performance was positive, we didn't collapse and at times had the better of the play, we need to use the pitch and home games to our advantage. Roll on Tuesday!

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Well That was a vast improvement from Tuesdays thrashing.


Well done to the Manager & team for dusting themselves down and getting on with it.


I thought it was one of the better games i've gladly paid my £12 to watch.


Had the ref dealt with the Tonbridge style diving from the outset i'm convinced the tables would have turned and we would have got the 3 points but that's why they are top & we are bottom.


10 for 10 tracks were as ever well chosen.


As much as we advertised the game yesterday unless we start getting point's i can't see an influx of people coming to the ground just yet. We were not helped by the Rugby being on.


Good to see the urchins finally giving in and wearing our scarfs at new lodge. well done.


See you Next Tuesday Mr Thompson?



Happy St Patricks Day Chaps



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Oh dear... I fear someone had the wrong glasses on.. Which must've Had some effect on the hearing...Pitch under water? Poor 10 for 10?

I enjoyed the game and even though we lost gave a great performance. We should've had a point out of it!!! we did 't but I don't begrudge Welling the win, they came across as a honest club.... more than i can say about the manority of our opposition. I did 't see any BBB from 'em (except maybe the usual league leaders stuff... But we were there last season).

Can't say I say any water lying on the pitch... In fact what I saw was a pitch drying before my eyes who h was bizzare.

As for the 10 for 10. Not up to me to comment, they pick 'em. I play 'em. That is my job. And it really isn't for me to comment on others taste of muisc as it is personal to the individual. When I don't have a 10 for 10 I try to cater to the tastes of most while adding a certain personal flavour (some have said esentric) on what comes out of our PA. Earlier before the 10 for 10 a couple of our supporters tried to work out how I managed to get from Rush at the top of the hour, to George Michael at the bottom of the hour!!!

All in good fun....

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Quite a funny read this thread,


Your keeper pulled off 2 or 3 great saves, you hardly created any chances despite the balls punted in the air towards Welling's area. The fans in the main stand are unreal, screaming at the ref for 90 mins. None more so evident than when your 5 smashed Lafayatte in the face and the stand collective screamed at him to get up for ages and told the ref to book him as he was a cheat. Calliing players c***ts and telling them to **** off from the main stand needs to be addressed. A few old men getting quite irate who wouldnt have said anything to the players faces.


Fair pay to both managers for wanting to play on a pitch with several patches of standing water. You must be dissapointed that despite the flyers the crowd was given as 519 with 200 from Welling.


Try to watch games though rather than scream at the ref when you are losing. The shouts of good luck next season you will get slaughtered were very funny.

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