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Canvey Island FC First XI Squad 2013/14

Matt H

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First XI Squad officially announced for the season so far. Hopefully some re-signings/departures will be confirmed by the Club tonight...

Managment Team:

Danny Heale (Manager)


Dale Brightly
Tommy Glanville

Josh Vickers


Michael Alaile

Rob Bartley

Louis Baucutt
Rio Bryan-Edwards
Ashley Dumas
Billy Hawes
Nick Humphrey
Ellis Sands


George Artemi

Harrison Chatting
Matt Game
Ben Hawes
James Hawes
Jay Nash
Sheldon Sellears
Tyron Smith


Spencer Bellotti
Jay Curran

Emeka Onwubiko
Simon Thomas

Players Departed:

Cliff Akurang (Bishop's Stortford), Robbie Blackwell, Kevin Dobinson (Heybridge Swifts), Mitchell Gilbey (East Thurrock Utd), Ashlee Jones (Lowestoft Town), Tommy Kavanagh (Kingstonian), Rob King (Heybridge Swifts), Dean Mason (Wingate & Finchley), Ashley Miller (Bishop's Stortford), Bradley Woods-Garness (Lowestoft Town)

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From last night I think Akurang, Sands, Curran, Chatting, Hawes and Dumas can all be added to that list.


Akurang played the tail end of last season as a centre back so assume the same will apply along with a coaching role.

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Updated now.


I've also listed Tommy Kavanagh as departed


It appears to the Club are waiting to hear back from Richard Orlu regarding his Dover offer. There was no mention of Tommy Glanville, George Cocklin or Lynvall Duncan.

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Has Robbie Blackwell left as well?

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As an aside looks like Ashlee Jones has joined Lowestoft.

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Yes, I think so.

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C'monnnn the Bellotti! Former Ssml legend notching yesterday so i hear. Fantastic player.

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Surprised with Jones to Lowestoft, maybe they've seen something I haven't! Good shot stopper on his day but made too many mistakes for me.


Bellotti has looked good so far, needs to take a few more chances but the work rate and ability is there for all to see.


Quite liked Kavanagh, thought he gave us a bit of height in central midfield as well. Would liked to have seen him as part of the squad this season to be honest.

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I would like to have seen Blackwell stay. I thought when he did play he looked solid, but its understandable he chose not to come back as with our current squad I think he wouldn't have been either of the first choice centre-halves.


I really liked the look of our trialist 'Keeper last Saturday. I understand he is a product of the Charlton Academy and is only 19 years old. For me that is the type of player we should be looking to snap up, even if it's only a stepping stone for them to get back into the pro game.


I think from what I've seen so far this season and providing we make no more signings, we look good at 4-3-3 with a starting XI of:


-------------------- Brightley ---------------------


 Sands - Bartley - Bryan-Edwards - Dumas


-------- Sellears --- Game --- Smith ------------


--- Curran ------- Thomas ------------ BWG ---



SUBS: Glanville, Billy Hawes, James Hawes, Nash, Bellotti



Of course if we make further signings things could change.

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Nick Humphrey has played the last two matches and has looked really good - would love to see him sign.


If he does I can see us lining up:


-------------------- Brightley ---------------------


Sellears - Bartley - Bryan-Edwards - Humphrey






SUBS: Sands, James Hawes, Nash, Woods-Garness, Glanville.


If Humphrey doesn't sign then Dumas would drop back to left back and either BWG or Jay Nash playing wide left, with Harrison Chatting getting himself back to fitness.


I think BWG will have a job on his hands to get back into the starting XI with Bellotti and Thomas looking a good partnership.


Not sure if Tommy Glanville will be playing for Basildon regularly this season, if so then a second keeper is a must and the lad from Charlton looked good. Would then be up to him and Dale (who had a very good game last night) to battle it out for the number 1 shirt.


The player I've been most impressed with is Sheldon Sellears. He seems equally as comfortable in defence or attack, and I can see him being an important player for us this season.


We have a genuine squad this season which will mean a couple of players having to be left out the 16 each week which is where we need to be if we are to challenge.

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I thought Sellears was our best player against Concord and teamed up with Curran well. Personally I think he'd be wasted in defence though and looks more natural linking the midfield and attackers together.

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Was impressed with Sellears last night. Got forward well and isn't afraid to take on players and be positive.


Rio Bryan Edwards looks a great addition to the squad. Was very vocal last night and organised the defence well.

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Going for three at the back are we? :D


------------------- Brightley ------------------


------- Bartley - Bry-Ed - Humphrey ------


Sellears ---- Game ---- Smith ---- Dumas


---- Curran ----- Thomas ------ BWG ----

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New signings added to the list.


Have to say that if that was Artemi playing no. 4 against Basildon on Monday and seeing Emeka's goals in the same game, I'm really excited by these two signings.


Edit - YouTube has some footage of Emeka's goalscoring attributes in Ireland (Goals two and three);

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