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My first and last ever post on this forum, stop the rumours in their tracks.


I have stepped down as gaffer, my last game was going to be tomorrow night v Ash Utd in the cup but this has now been pp due to floodlight problems, this would have been the last game also for my trusted no.2 Steve Greene.


I informed the Chairman and committee 6 weeks ago that my 9 year old step daughter had been diagnosed with a major heart defect that required imminent surgery and it was likely that I would need to take a back seat in time.


Fortunately I have only missed one game since finding out and that was v Hanworth Villa. Yes, whoever said I went shopping, you were correct 100% – my step daughter loved her first ever trip to Harrods though.


Whilst on this subject, to the other poster, you assumed correctly, we used the Villa game to look at a few players as it was a cup game and they clearly didn’t cut the mustard.


When a manager leaves a club at step 5 & 6 it is often the case that the playing side sees a massive demise with immediate effect which we have seen recently with other clubs.


I certainly did not want to see this happen to the club and I also did not want to see the tireless work myself and Greener have put in the last 3 years to improve the football side at Eversley go to waste.


I informed my players after our home game v Dorking on 12th October of my personal situation and that the time would come for me to take some time off and that with immediate effect Mark Thomas would become joint manager with me until further notice, I asked the players to support me, Tommo and the club which they all did and have done superbly.


Since that time things have escalated for me and Tommo as of today takes the reigns with Scott Tarr coming in to assist him.


Tommo is a good lad, been impressed with him since he has helped me and he deserves a chance in management and this is a perfect platform for him to cut his teeth, Tarrsy needs no introduction and his CV speaks for itself. Tommo knows I am at the end of the phone if he needs me and I will be helping from afar when I can. I am certainly not getting involved anywhere else right now, but thanks to those for the offers myself and Greener have already received.


My high was seeing my team carry out the game plan to perfection and become the first CCL side to win in Guernsey, had worse weekends I have to say.


My low was whilst sitting in third spot last season with a few games left on a cold Wednesday night at a bibbly bobbly Whyteleafe, having beat Warlingham 7-1, telling my players in the dressing room that the ‘brown suit brigade’ had dashed our promotion hopes, ground not up to scratch. Right downer.


I will miss my players and my staff and the quality banter with them that my dressing room had, but I don’t think they will miss any of my half time and after match rollickings.


I hope Tommo and Tarrsy continue the hard work myself and Greener have put in which has seen us finish 5th and then 4th and the two of them together can go the extra mile and achieve a top 3 spot using the platform built.


I also hope my pals Stevie Wilmore and Tarks get The Lammas up, good lads them two, and also Ant Williams at AFC Croydon, lot of time for him, another good lad.


Eversley & California is a great little club which deserves success.


First time in 22 years that I won’t be involved in football at a club as player, coach or gaffer so going to be weird but putting something first other than football for once in my life is the right thing to do.


Up the Boars!



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First post on here for a while but can't believe the certain posters are slagging the new manager off already! Sav has done a brilliant job over the last 3 years but the current squad is not only waf

My first and last ever post on this forum, stop the rumours in their tracks.   I have stepped down as gaffer, my last game was going to be tomorrow night v Ash Utd in the cup but this has now been p

Good luck to Sav, never net him but best wishes for daughter and family. Hope all works out well. Thoughts with you.

Good luck to you Sav. I hope your step daughter gets the fast treatment she needs and gets well soon.


Best wishes to you all from Knaphill and I'm sure one day we'll see you on the sidelines hollering again one day wherever that may be


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All the best Sav and all the best to your daughter!


Not sure about the Thommo appointment though after what I heard the sandhurst chairman say about him when you guys played and the fact he applied for the role when it came up, doesn't really show the loyalty required for me!


Plus not really a club you would let someone with very little experience take the reigns, I'm assuming it will be the Scott Tarr show with him bringing in the players and doing most of the grafting!!


I suppose we'll have to see come the end of the season!!!

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Sav best wishes for your Daughters good Health and a speedy recovery.Family must come first in situations like this,but I am sure everyone who has ever met you,during your time in the CCL,Knows what an honest hard working guy you are,you will be sorely missed by us all.

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I hope everything works out well for your step daughter Ian and good luck to the new management team at Eversley & California FC.

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I am blessed to be given this opportunity by Eversley Football Club and will strive to continue the success carried out by Sav in the past, and possibly a successful Promotion push. The agreement setup between me and Sav was agreed approx 6-8 weeks ago, and during that time I would apply for any other jobs that would surface, so I can confirm I did apply for the Sandhurst Job.


Thoughts and heart go out to Sav, as he faces a difficult few months in his daughters life.

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what a great post from the heart played against you when i was previously at lammas an now back there so also hope to get lammas to where they should be, children are our future an i hope your little one gets better with your love an support mate all the best sav to you an your family.


also good luck tommo

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I see the Tarr factor had started with new signings coming in from his former club!! This is how thommo will make himself look good by using Tarr's contacts!! Still confused how a Sunday league manager at best manages to get a role at such an ambitious club!!


Good luck to Scott in his first training session as he will be doing most of the work I can imagine while the gaffer is tweeting!!!

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How do the Eversley players feel with the new management pro-actively recruiting several new players ? Wouldn't a new gaffer want to assess and develop the squad he has inherited. The new gaffer publicly recruiting so many players must be unsettling. You're good enough this week, but won't be after the 7 day window has opened. At this level I am surprised that coaches aren't more confident in developing their squads. It appears that the easy option when the going gets tough is to look to replace the players with another local player who wants £20.00 for the privilege. Then that player gets replaced because he hasn't improved the situation. If the players want to develop and are up for working hard, then it's not the players that aern't good enough, it's the coaches working with them. 


Good luck in your new job Thommo. 

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