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ESL Chairman, Clapton FC and the 'flares'

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The Essex Senior League have warned Clapton FC about the apparent use of flares by fans at the Old Spotted Dog.


Extracts from the letter from the Essex Senior League Chairman was posted on the club's official website and contained a quotation from an Act of Parliament. Offences committed under that act usually result in prison sentences.


Unfortunately for the Essex Senior League Chairman, the legal passage was irrelevant and does not apply to the ESL or Clapton FC. This has been pointed out to him by the supporters group.


As a consequence the chairman no longer wishes to correspond with the fans and Mr McBean has now published a club statement in which he quotes 'rules'. Do me a favour. (haha)


All the correspondence so far can be found at bit.ly/1bYX2nE 


Mr McBean's statement is at www.claptonfc.com







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Clapton have Supporters ?? That have Flares ??

This has got to be a wind up surely ha ha.

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