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Well, thats their cup final out of the way - Happy fans

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I for one thought the Dulwich fans were superb on the night throughout the game, as for G Man what a post, you will have made our Cookie, who is renowned for his long posts, very jealous :)


I hated losing in such a way on Tuesday but I sat back in admiration at the ways the fans celebrated, if Cookie had been there I am sure he would have thought similar.


Good luck to you for the rest of the season and I look forward to meeting you all again at our place.

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Right lets get things straight here. With the title being "Thats their cup final out of the way" I wasn't having a dig at Dulwich in any way whatsoever. I was in fact having a dig at our players.

We will have a lot more "Cup finals" this season in the league as all others want to put one over on us. Increased crowds when we turn up are because of all the hype surrounding us at present. We therefore have to treat every game as a Cup final and we must adjust and counter this & play like we mean business.

We had Dulwich,as we did Leiston at our mercy only to see us drop points,as well as the opposition played.We shouldn't be doing this,we are full of old seasoned,extremely talented campaigners & of course some super really talented youngsters and the team should be able to withstand this kind of heat.

Look we lost, the score says we lost but we should be taking care of business in a better way than we have done in the past 2 games. We cannot afford to keep losing these league games or we wont have any silverware at the end of the season or promotion.

My two words for our team is "knuckle down".

Our team are playing fantastic football up to a point. Its beyond this point that we are letting ourselves down.

Maybe in hindsight had I entitled the thread "That's another cup final out of the way" it would have been better understood. Sorry for that but the pictures and write up were all concerning Dulwich and the elations and celebrations at beating us and that was why I called it "their" cup final..

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Were you at the game on Tuesday night Tony? No team, no matter who they are, can win every game and Dulwich, to their credit, outplayed us in the second half and a draw was probably the correct result but Hamici still had to finish well despite Charlies error.

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We'll call it a draw!



Jokes aside, the hatchet is buried if that's ok with you. See you on January 17th hopefully it will be a table topping clash. Just beat Leatherhead whatever you do!

I think some of us are a bit sensitive about being called money bags - me included to be fair - its hard on us getting stick because we've been really fortunate in having someone come in for us for a change. We're a passionate breed as football fans and it does hurt when people attack us for whatever reason! But we are nice bunch I promise  ;) and G Man we'll be happy to celebrate/commiserate in the bar after the game in January!

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