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Stu M


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Anyone know how Wilko is or what he's done to himself? Seems he got spat at as well if this neanderthal's post on the Notts message board is anything to go by:



any one who went last nite will tell you, iam absolutely appalled by what i saw, iam one of the "lads" and when there keeper was in pain lanky purposley made his way to the front and openly spat at him when he was limping off the field, but when there boys come and taunt us in the first where was these so called hard lot then there was only one or two of us giving it them back, soon as coppers turn up there lads **** off!!

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Evidently some Joker who lives in Cloud cuckoo Land.

There was no "Boys/firm" there to speak of from County, either in Gravesend town Centre, the Ground or the Plough. They had a few lanky folk in the Plough but they were hardly troublemakers.

This Cyber Thug is evidently some kind of Simpleton.

A good game with no Trouble is my view. County are not exactly known for trouble.

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