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Hx 0 Romford 1

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I actually missed the game on Tuesday because of all the halos on top of the Romford players' heads was blinding me.


Have you checked with Collier Row FC to see if you are the most loved club in non-league football? They used to have an interesting quote about Romford on their website :)

Interesting comment by Heavy Trucker (post 26) on Sloughs "Romford away 1st November" thread which says it all really. 


No hard feelings from the Romford faithful yesterday because we were beaten by one of the best sides we have played for years, and if that's the standard clubs from RLN have to reach to be competitive at step 3 its frightening.

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I think I did say congratulations to Romford in the plethora of posts that came out, I think I also admitted straight away that we didn't play well in that game. I think if you look back in any posts I have put on matches involving Hornchurch that I'm entirely fair in my assessment of any game (even Romford and Billericay!!!)


Found the big step up for us was from level 3 to level 2, massive difference there.


Think the game on Tuesday probably meant more to your fans and the tactics were therefore different.


Commiserations to Romford and good luck for the rest of the season.

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