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Ash Trees 2 Reds 0

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Back on track with a good win against an Uxbridge side who were nondescript in the first half and much better after the break. Another game played in good spirits and, unlike the fiasco on Tuesday night, well officiated.


We started purposefully and took an 18th minute lead with a midfield and defence splitting pearl of a through ball by Fish, bombed into the net from 15 yards out by Bitz, who doubled his tally six minutes later from the penalty spot after Dan was tripped in the box after a bit of trickery. We could have gone in at the break with a higher tally, but any thoughts of adding quickly to the total were extinguished by Uxbridge imposing themselves and pegging us in our half for the first quarter hour after the break. For all their efforts, though, they didn't bring a significant save out of Kav, whereas former Ash Trees keeper Macca made a brilliant save tipping a low shot onto the opposite post, and it felt like the Alamo for much of the last 20 minutes but we couldn't get the net to bulge any more.


This is a very tough division, signified by our remaining 6th as the three teams above us all won as well, but 6th place at this stage is still a great effort. Talking of which, a better all round performance today, some lovely passing going forward, and Kam's speed and determination on the wing got my MOTM vote. 


Two culinary shocks today - Tesco Dave didn't bring any sweets with him for once, and pre-match announcer Dan turned down one of the free pasties being walked around the pitch during the final minutes!    :lol:

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Not to mention fried eggs available from the tea bar! ?


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