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Ash Trees 0 Knappers 1

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Fair do's, I thought Knaphill deserved to win overall, and Danny Taylor's low shot across goal from about 15 yards out in the 54th minute was very well taken.


A few changes from Saturday, but still a strong first team and subs bench, yet we didn't look fully cohesive for some reason, only testing Knaphill keeper Richard Shelley a couple of times, and we failed to score in a match for the first time this season.


Knaphill were quite vocal, much of that frustration at the lack of decisions given their way. True, the ref let one or two intriguing challenges go uncarded, but it could be argued another ref may have sent off a Knaphill player for the strongest and latest challenge of the night. No excuses, though. They closed us down and had a good number of chances, and more than us. We showed a bit more urgency after our substitutions but it wasn't to be.


Best wishes to Romario, who apparently dislocated a shoulder in the second half.

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