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Windsor game


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Without repeating what's already been said about this game, there's a few things I'd like to say, firstly it was very encouraging the see what the attendance was, although the Ryman website has it as 480?! As Ian said there couldnt't have been more than 150 Windsor fans, which must be so heartbreaking/annoying for their chairman and manager, after the side they have assembled (partly helped by Slough...) and it was still a home game for them really, so if they can't get more than 150 at xmas, againist their local rivals and when they're at the top, what hope is there to increase their support? Anyway enough of them, I felt before the game I'd be happy with a draw, although deep down i thought we may lose. But at the end of the day we lost to a better side, we just didn't play to our potential. We really do need a couple of new players though i think that is obvious to everyone, although we know the problem with finances, as its been suggested a pacy winger and creative midfielder should be top priorities, whether we get them is another matter... I ain't gonna dwell on this defeat, move on and look to the next game, we still have every chance of finishing top six i think.

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The reason it's been quoted as 480 is because someone mistakenly gave this figure to the PA - and the PA, apparently, cannot change this (don't know why) so it will stand at 480 in all newspapers, non league websites, etc, even though we all know it was 680.

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I would like to thanks those extra supporters who came on Boxing day ...appreciated...yes we failed to really get going on the day and the best team won !


In fact the Windsor crowd was swelled by approx 30-40 wycombe fans who had also turned up to see and support the old wycombe players !! so even less Windsor fans than the 150 predicted !


Also with approx 30-40 complimentries passes, the crowd was over 700 !!! Well done....


Worthing had 1125 in the ground when the match was call off after 65 minutes .....so at the moment the best crowd in div 1 south...surly to be bettered....by that re play....


But still thanks again....and hope you will give the Rebels another chance with your support......


Up the Rebels........ <img src="/images/graemlins/cool.gif" alt="" />

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