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Stansted 0 Enfield Town FC 1

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Danny Clarke ran out for Town today for the first time this season following his transfer back from Ilford.


Sawbo didn't have a game and came to watch. We didn't play our new signing - perhaps next week?


Town were well in control in the first half, but we lacked a goal and Danny's touch was not quite there in the first minutes. But after the first minute nerves he settled down to play some good football. Good to see we do have a midfield and defence after all and that was reflected in the final score.


Tony Mercer the old veteran for Stansted score a lovely goal for town past his own keeper. Town man of the match. He showed some lovely on the ball skills which shows why he is still playing at the age of ...


If a town player was fouled the ref did nothing if a town player slipped up it was a free kick to Stansted. Biased ref no not a bit hmm! Hope we have a better ref for Concord!


Second half we let Stansted back into the game when we should have had them dead a buried, but it wasn't helped by the flag happy lino.


3 pts but it would be nice to play one match when it feels like 11 a side.


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Not a great performance but it was the points that counted today. Solid performances from Brotherton, Riley, Gant and Baldwin and a match winning save from Chopper.


Who's the new signing who didn't play, Cleggy? Nice to see Daniel back, hope the injury wasn't serious.


At least Tony Mercer can finally say he scored the winning goal for Enfield Town before ending his career!

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Tony Mercer was probably the best player on the park today because ETFC allowed him to dominate the game. We gave him far too much room to play the ball around. He was everywhere when needed and scored a fantastic goal.


I thought we were poor today but three points are all that matters when you look at the table.


A much improved performance is needed next Saturday.


Happy new year.



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the reason he looked good today was because he used his experience and played with his head (once too often for stansted).If only more people played like this the quality of the game would soon rise.good luck for the future tony.

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Southport - TOWNER said:
no hot drinks in the second half
programmes sold out by 2:50
no where to park

game was no better
but 3 points, and we are stil in with a good shout.

What do you mean no where to park. Little Miss Happy's van was allowed to park close to the turnstile you miserable old g*t!

Anyway, a pretty boring game. LMH got very cold and p***ed off in the second half (the chocolate buttons didn't work) so I watched the rest of the game from the bar. However, the nice lady behind the bar did make me a very pleasent cup of tea while you lot were out in the cold getting bored. Ha Ha. At least it's 3 points in the bag. Hope to see you all on Saturday. HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU ALL!
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