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Jodie breaks her.................................

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Apart from three valuable points and a wonderful gutsy display, Saturday's win was notable from the point of view that it marked Radio Kent commentator Jodie Fielder's first attendance at a Fleet away win and her first coverage of a Fleet win this season.


I am delighted that Jodie has broken what some people believed was a jinx and it proves that other defeats incurred when she has been covering games is much more likely to be as a result of c**p Fleet defending and a shortage of shots whizzing past the opposing goalkeeper and into the net.


Jodie even joked about the so called "jinx" with Andy on air after the game and he said she was welcome to come to Stonebridge Road any time!


Jeremy Jacobs, the Margate summariser, will be offering his views again on Thursday, with, I believe, Matt Davison doing the commentary and the odd word from me.


Three more points please lads.


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Charles Webster said:
Jeremy Jacobs, the Margate summariser, will be offering his views again on Thursday, with, I believe, Matt Davison doing the commentary and the odd word from me.

Some quality pre-match entertainment would be three rounds of Webster v Jacobs in the centre circle. With Don King taking an interest in the FA Cup, I'm sure we could persuade him to promote this grudge match...
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after our trip to Burton i thought you would now be having Mint Sauce on your satsumas, is the margate game going to be on RK website as you can appreciate im a bit out of range up here but can try and log on if it is , otherwise full report required friday am



























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Hi Phil


Looking forward to meeting up in sunny Chester. I believe the game on Thursday will be wobbling over the internet with Matt Davison at the helm.


Having introduced me to mint sauce on chips at Burton, what culinary delights can I look forward to at the Deva? Please don't bring a flask of scouse.


Mint sauce on satsumas? Are you mad? You should realise that a dash of HP and Tabasco mixed with the old Lea & Perrins provides the perfect marinade for any citrus fruit. I may go mad and bring a Penguin biscuit on Saturday but I only like the red ones.

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Well JJ, as I said on Saturday our home record is nothing to write home about and the game at Stonebridge Road may present Margate's best chance of winning over the Christmas programme. HOWEVER, the way we played on Saturday was inspired, and MFC looked well beaten by the end.


Steve McKimm, Andy Ford and Adrian Pennock have pumped the Fleet up and they will either go into the game firing on all cylinders and full of confidence or just plain cocky. If it's the latter you should win, but if it's the former expect the same result.


I would imagine there were some bruised egos in the "home" dressing room on Saturday and I am sure your lads will want to give a much better account of themselves.


There's a lot of gloom and doom on the Forever Hartsdown website with good reason and it will be up to Mr Kinnear and his lads to dispel it.


Whatever the outcome, I expect another full blooded local derby with no quarter asked or given.


Skipper McKimm told the world - including his own players - that the Fleet would take six points from these two fixtures and I, for one, will not argue with him. Once Macca puts on his game head he is an intimidating force and he doesn't make promises lightly. If the Fleet respond to his inspiration and the Gate wilt you can predict the result.


I look forward to crossing swords with you again tomorrow and don't forget - when I want your opinion I will give it to you.

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I would like to give my opinion but it depends on how much airtime Matt gives you tomorrow. ( If you see what I mean).


Nasty rumours re McKimm and his attempt(and verbals)to get Sam Sodje sent off. I hope they are just that. Runours.


You say above it's a local derby. We still regard Ramsgate, Folkestone and Dover as our local derbies. Perhaps Dartford will won day get back to the Conf.


Here's to Margate & Gravesend being in Conference (1) next season



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