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Any rest for the liver?????

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Just worked out that I've been pissed now every day for basically 31 days! Since I did my last night shift on Wednesday 26th November


Thursday 27th Two bottles of wine with the ex

Friday 28th Abdoujaparov in Highbury and then the Fridge

Saturday 29th Tudor Tavern then Batchwood

Sunday 30th Inspirals in Nottingham

Monday 1st Dinner and booze with the ex

Tuesday 2nd Crawley away in trophy - EFM booze train

Wednesday 3rd 5-a-side, not actually pissed this day but a couple of drinks did pass my lips

Thursday 4th Inspirals in Liverpool

Friday 5th Inspirals in London then The Fridge

Saturday 6th Inspirals in Manchester then South Nightclub

Sunday 7th A few in the Blackies with gertcha

Monday 8th Dinner and booze with the ex

Tuesday 9th Out with Morley, Cross keys and Feet First at Camden Palace

Wednesday 10th Baggy Mondays

Thursday 11th Inspirals in Newcastle then Foundation nightclub

Friday 12th EFM Xmas do, Backpackets then Office nightclub

Saturday 13th Wedding all day!

Sunday 14th hammered around gertcha's flat

Monday 15th Only night in but a bottle of wine while watching the comedy zone

Tuesday 16th Smashed for Hoddesdon at home

Wednesday 17th Cross keys and off to the Office in London with Beavers and co

Thursday 18th A few drinks in O'Neills with gertcha and gaffer

Friday 19th Jersey

Saturday 20th Jersey

Sunday 21st Jersey

Monday 22nd Some dodgy goth club in Soho with gertcha

Tuesday 23rd Round my mate Calires fro Xmas dinner and drinks

Wednesday 24th Xmas Eve drinks with various people then O'Neills

Thursday 25th All day Xmas session up the Crown and at the flat

Friday 26th Aylesbury at home follwed by various pubs and ending up in O'Neills (again)

Saturday 27th Costello, Beavers and Bin Fadhel join me in Fluer, Vintry and O'Neills then off to the Fridge

Sunday 28th Out with gertcha, gaffer and Big George - Crown, Blackies, Vintry and O'Neills once again!


Today - think I'll settle down in front of the Xmas offices without any booze!!!!!



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