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I'm Hertford Town through & through (spoiler-alert!) but will always show respect for those who deserve it. This is a forum & not a nightclub, no need for aggression or threats on here. Let'

I don't think it was me that gave away your cover. If I'm honest, I've never had much time for cartoon characters that hide behind an avatar, a nickname, a monitor or a keyboard. Say what you want abo

I agree, especially as the topic of this thread is games played on Tuesday 10th January

the fan must of said somthing

Keep it simple...so what if he did...does that mean its right?

No it doesnt but then youve shown your true colours so far, so you probably think its right anyway.


Why did he do it Lee ? there is always a reason why did he try to hit the fan.

I thought you were there? Or are you basing things on hearsay? Aggh yes you are.


Lets keep this simple again...i was there...you werent!


You support a bloke that has a track history of being abusive, aggressive and numerous times has tried to hit a fan....Let me ask you this, would you like the bloke if he wasnt at your club? did you like the bloke before he arrived at your club?


Honest...be honest here.


I was present, i saw how he was, how he was sent to the stands, goaded the WGC supporters, with his Hertford Ultras either side, spitting abuse at innocent fans, goading him on...twice he ran down to the bottom of the stands and went for a WGC supporter.....this is a grown man...a supposed respectable man whose brother has been a pro ref....his daughter in law is covering it up with her comments. Fact!


All the WGC supporters including myself had to walk past all of their fans spitting and abusing us and threatening us....all because of what this moron did....


Why do you think Hertford got rid? Think about it!


I couldnt give a monkeys what you think of me, but have some morals mate...youre blatantly from an era where they dont exist/are not looked upon as important.


For the record im not a violent person and ive never hit anyone in my life...so sorry to dissapoint. But i have been hit myself playing football by cowards who cant take the heat. Another case of the classless society we live in! Oh and i didnt deserve it, we had a competitive game, just some people cant take losing....bit like Mr Ballsy.

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ok lee

You took the easy route out and couldnt answer my questions put to you...clearly justifying everything.

Point Proven. I doubt you will comeback with anything intelligent other than "Ok Lee"....which justifies you havent a point at all.

See you at the end of the season for your real opinion...keep living the lie fella, tarnish that rep. Sell out.

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My intelligence??? it is " your club" not " youre club " and it has a ' as well. Keep showing everyone how intelligent you are lee

Brilliant...so why not put the ' in your spelling then? Save yourself the time and effort to try and look even more intelligent...but coming across as lazy.


Ok, so one word typed in the wrong context...still you havent responded to the questions...why?

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Back to Hertford v St Mags, I was really disappointed by the St Mags players.  Hertford looked fitter, worked harder and looked the better quality side but St Mags didnt even seem to be putting the effort in which there is no excuse for.  Especially when you look at recent history and number of players on the pitch that have played for both sides.


Every area seemed to be lacking... communication and effort being the main ones and that then affects the quality.

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