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Zeal wins £25...

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... on The Hits TV (Freeview Ch.18) music quiz!!


Mind you, it cost me £5 in text messages!!


There were four of us still standing with 45 points, and one question to go. Fastest finger on the button with the correct answer wins the dosh!


"Who is Beyonce's boyfriend?" - Zeal types "answer B" and sends text message inside 0.05 seconds, and is the victor!


Might have another go tonight - could be a nice little money-spinner, this one!



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Can you remember any of the other questions?


How does it work, x amount of people start answering questions, and go out when they get one wrong - then on the final question the first person to answer wins? And you can win £25 a night? Do you actually get your name coming up on the TV? If so I'm sure you'll soon see the appearance of a certains Mr Thorns <img src="/images/graemlins/smile.gif" alt="" />

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Libro - spot on!


Ten questions in total. First 5 or 6 are bloody easy (so they can make their money, you see!)


Calculated guesses on a couple, but came through it with my head held high!


Two games a night, so in theory, £50 up for grabs.


I would say my overall knowledge of music is infinitely superior to that of Mr Thorns too (his knowledge being a little on the 'specialist' side), but I dare say he'd disagree.



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