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Fights with the Rich and Famous


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Who is the most famous person that anyone on here has had a fight with?


A mate of mine decked Wham sidekick Andrew Ridgeley years ago but before he was famous. Just wondered if anyone else had had any scuffles with anyone of note.

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no fights with anyone famous.. in fact i have hardly ever seen anyone famous...

1. gloria huniford in a crappy red sierra in holburn

2.norman wisdom at stanstead going to portugal

3. shane ritchie having a p.ss at a hotel in disneyland florida.. he was ranting about the euro and how we shouldnt join cos the germans stiffed us in the erm currency crisis af 1991, didnt wash his hands either..

4.charlton heston at madrid airport waiting for my bags.. there were about 12 of us all in fancy dress on a stag do.. one guy dressed as spartacus got his foto taken with him... im pretty sure it made loaded.. poor charlton was a bit confused at the whole thing..


thats all he famous people i can remember being anywhere near.. pretty piss poor list as well apart from charlton

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I upset Darren Anderton in Radio Days back in 1997.


Spurs had just lost 0-4 at Coventry, and I was pretty pissed with a fellow Spurs fan, and we asked what the fk he was doing out enjoying himself with two birds after a result like that.


It was at our works Christmas Party, and our company and Dazza were the only two parties who'd booked tables upstairs. It was a messy evening, and I just wouldn't leave the c-nt alone.


He eventually made a complaint about me to the management, and I was told to stay away from him after that or I'd be lobbed out.


I think he was pretty unhappy too that I told one of the birds he was with that he'd sh*gged a bird I used to go to school with about three months previously.


Turns out the bird I was talking to was his missus.



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Some years back, Vinnie Jones' mum used to run the Horn of Plenty. One night, my mate Ralph and I were messing about in there and we managed to trip her up so she ended up on the floor with everyone watching. We made a hasty exit.



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Probably about 1987.


You're probably thinking about the woman who took over after that. And yes, she was fierce. She took was from East London and I remember her and her old man taking over, probably about 1988. I was banned a little while after that after some biker-nutcase that I used to know punched the landlord. My ex was beaten up in there about the same time in a drunken brawl.


Funnily enough, my mate Ralph was attacked by the landlady in there after, someone from City, who will remain unnamed, told her he'd broken a window. I can't remember her name; it may come back to me later.


She was definately still there in late 1990 when my ban was finally lifted so I could attend a mate's funeral in there.


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Laz EFM said:
Rob, seems to be top of the pops so far, although, Zealster seems to have really gone for it with Dazza.

I will attempt to topple Rob from the top-spot, by pointing out that my 'fight with the rich and famous' was with someone who was actually rich and famous at the time, as opposed to someone who later became rich and famous!

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