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Markyate Disco

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Zealster EFM 10k said:
Is this disco on every Friday, Claire?


One of the pubs hold a "disco" every Friday! Don't know if it would match the quality of St.Albans "discos" but your very welcome to have a little bop to the music if you so wish!! (Do you know any country dancing moves?)

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What is it with all those rustic places up the A5 (or whatever it's called these days)?


They all drink strong beer and fight each other in pubs then go and sleep with their sisters. And the men are even worse.


Can you explain why, Claire?

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LOL!!!! I don't know Laz!!


I think that because it is very hard for anyone to leave the village, we don't get to see anywhere else. So we just assume that we are the only people in hertfordshire and we have to carry on the population. Therefore that is why we are a society of inbred mongs (apart from myself of course!).


We have no jobs, and therefore the only thing that keeps us occupied throughout the day (apart from collecting our benifits from the post office) is to get p@ssed at one of the 4 pubs. As we do not know how to interact with anyone else, we take comments personaly and therefore start a fight with our drinking partner (or the inbred mong sitting next to us).


it is a very different world, is markyate, one where you shouldn't enter lightly!



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