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i read


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in the paper this morning some bird moaning about top up fees..

she said 'i am here to learn not work in a bar'

well pardon me for getting out of bed at 5.30 am to go to work to pay tax so you dont have to get off your lazy [****!!****] you dopey bint..

far better people than you have worked there way up from nothing to get educated.. someone take her outside and give her a damn good shoeing .. ill happily pay for that!

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i note that salmon is a bad for you now.. hahah these fkwits know nothing.. eat eggs dont eat eggs eat eggs.. beef is bad beef is good .. red wine no hang on beer no wait a minute green tea no hang on .. blah blah total bloody morons.. mind you tho anything that crushes the scottish economy and sends them back to eeking a living out on a hill farm is ok by me

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I had a mate who was into Class War. He was filmed at the Poll Tax riots in a white leather jacket, which he subsequently buried. Sadly, he's no longer with us. A sad loss of a total nutter.


I went on an Animal Rights march in town with him once, with a couple of others, and as it started he split his four pack among us. Five minutes down the road he lobbed his at some old bill, leaving me holding an idential can!

Total loony!

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