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Chris Clapham

Raynes Park Vale FC Update

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Am i missing something here? and have i got the wrong end of the stick.....


The statement: This had to be done by December 31 or the club would have folded collapsing three senior teams and 30 junior teams.


So basically if the senior teams go under by not having a ground that has not been maintained it takes down 30 junior teams with them?


You would have expected that the youth teams and their 1000 plus parents would have stepped up to the base if this was going to happen


I would have a very good look at how the whole club is structured ........ and ensure these kids team are secured for years to come.  


On the other hand fair play to the construction company for pulling a rabbit out of the hat!

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And Vale are saying Saturday's game at home to Frimley Green is at 3pm so I assume the lights are repaired too. Good stuff.

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