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I have at last found a supplier for MUGS, and I would like some feedback on how many would be interested.


The selling price is likely to be around £5, and it will have the Hornchurch badge on it, with the wording AFC Hornchurch underneath.


Annie has also suggested that I order a limited amount of commemorative mugs, with the wording 'Isthmian League Division 1 North Champions 2017-18' (or similar wording. I would like to know how many would be interested in a commemorative mug, as I am uncertain if there would be much interest.


The colour is likely to be white, or I can order them in red or black, but I would appreciate some feedback before placing the order.


I would thank everyone who has bought our new REPLICA STRIP - we sold out of some sizes last night and I have now ordered some more, so if anyone wants a specific size please let me know and I will put one aside for you.


Fire anyone who did not get a programme last night, we will have some on sale at our next home match.



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I do like the idea of a mug.


We should have something that we can keep that states Hornchurch as champions on it plus it will raise a few pounds for the club.


Another idea would be a badge with the crest and champions 2017/2018.


Again, its something that would sell, if people are interested

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I am about to order the MUGS - both the 'normal' mug and the limited edition CHAMPIONS mug.


I only intend to order a few of the limited edition mugs so if anyone wants them, please let me know.


Pete and Annie - I have ordered one each for you both.


The supplier has told me they should arrive in time for the first home game of the season.


Unsure of the price at the moment, but likely to be around £5 for a normal mug and perhaps slightly higher for the limited edition version, depending on the cost price of each mug.

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One mug for Philip Rivers too please


And I'll buy a new strip

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Hi Tony.  Jago here but masquerading as Baby Jago as I refuse to log in during the cricket season.

I'll have at least 3 champions  mugs as I have numerous AFCH refuseniks to correct.  Put me down for four.  No kits though... last time I looked we were not a rugby club.

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