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gone from the premiership


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being able to watch the game together as opposed to being scattered all round the ground.


every league and cup game kicking off at 3pm on a saturday.


cherished highlights of your beloved team being shown once a week and if you missed it tough s.hit.


the vast majority of the crowd being local and male as opposed to daytrippers and fat ugly women in bubble coats and bobble hats.


and of course who could forget the special rammed with 300 odd lads seated in the comfort of their own six seater compartment drinking, smoking and generally having a good time without having your photo taken, being cracked with a truncheon and being served with banning orders just because you wont paint your face and wear a jesters hat and generally act like a t.wat for the sky cameras that await you at your destination.


Old fellas with those 'Repent or the World will end' sandwich board things?



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standing up on a packed terrace that holds 15 thousand with the top bit obscured by low cloud and knowing that you will finish the game atleast 2o yards from where you started it..

laughing at the mere thought of being able to get a half time pint and trying to avoid the rivers of urine cascading down the terrace from the back..

wishing you were hard enough to stand up at the back with the real chaps.

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I'm up for banning women from football completely really.


It all went wrong during World Cup '90, and unfortunately it was the two Spurs players to blame.


Gary Lineker for his 'sexy' legs and sensitive Gazza for shedding those tears.


Was a season-ticket holder at the Lane back then, and at the start of the 90/91 season, the West Stand was practically rammed with birds. Sure, some were quite tasty, but hey, there's a time and a place.


1989/90 was around the time that those inflatable bananas/canaries/haddock/whatever were creeping into the game too. That was all a bit gay.


Actually, weren't Arsenal the first football club to ban them from their ground?


But back to the original point of my post.


There are only three places in my world that I'd like to be men-only. One is the football, one is my local snooker club (which used to be until recently) and the other is our local Conservative Club that Mr Gertcha, Mr Costello and myself are soon to be joining.


Any news on that, Gertcha??



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Another thing gone from the Premiership - all managers actually caring about the FA Cup. Sam Allardyce put out an absurdly under-strength team on Tuesday against Tranmere, and declared afterwards with his side beaten: 'I'm glad we've gone out'.


A disgrace. <img src="/images/graemlins/flame.gif" alt="" />

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