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Why the upgrade / Old Sections etc.....

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Hi :)

So we have upgraded. Why?  Quite simply the old software was out of date - it was released back in 2013(!!) and after 5 years needed to be replaced. It was insecure and lacked many of the features that we are used to. We now operate on an https:// domain - which means it is secure. The old software was also vulnerable to attack. This is more secure in that regard as well. 

So it was a choice between closing it down or investing the money and upgrading!  I opted for the second choice. After being live for 19 years I could not easily kill it off.

Many items will look new and a bit strange - so for now we just have forums available and it will look a bit basic. I'll add in other sections soon and create a new theme. This all takes time and money. So I'll repeat my plea from the last 19 years - if you would like to be involved please get in touch!!

If you can't login  - please try your old display name or email address - your older username (if different) will not work.

Please post in this forum if you have any comments or questions. I am still learning everything myself, so together we can make it work.

For now guests can start topics here - but can't reply to any topics. This ability to post as a guest will change soon on this forum.


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