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Club applies to revert to Hornchurch FC

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This is a major decision for the club as we can now finally return to our original name following the statutory time period elapsing. This move has been carried out by other reformed clubs such as Darlington. By returning to Hornchurch Football Club, I believe this will provides us the opportunity to help the club finally shake off the shackles of what occurred in 2005. I am fully supportive of the move.

To help us obtain the general feelings of the supporters, please use the feedback forms provided

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As a new Urchin but long term non-league supporter I hope this comes to pass.

You were always Hornchurch FC and the fiasco that caused the creation of AFC Hornchurch was upsetting to see unfold. I am just gratified that the club still exists and have climbed back to a decent senior level and didn't have to fold.

Think there's a bit much to do this year for playoffs I think but Truro City away on a Tuesday night in 2021-22?

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All I will say now about the past is that the right people are now running the club.

I really hope we get Truro City away at some point as I missed the only occasion Hornchurch did that trip since I’ve been going and have regretted it. 

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Of course we hope Truro City are back playing in Truro then rather than in Torquay where they play currently. I'm in the same boat Simon, regret passing on the Truro trip (and Weston super Mare).

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