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All downhill for Burgess

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A week in football is a short time thrashed a week ago,quarter final winners during the week and beating our nearest rivals today and a clean sheet.This was not an easy  game and credit where it's due the visitors gave us a right old game mom Jordan Clarke best game to date in an Urchin shirt next 2 games both away are now massive as it's still tight down the bottom but now dragged Margate into the mix.All in all good day at the office

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Tremendous first half with Taylor Miles,  Glenn Wilson and Sean Marks also making contributions as well. Jordan Clark was outstanding. Second half it’s fair to say that Burgess has the better of it but couldn’t take their chances and we looked dangerous going forward. Just the result we needed. Onwards and Upwards. Well done to Mark Stimson, 51 and all at Hornchurch 

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fantastic result and supports all the hard work being done by the new coaching team behind the scenes and the players are making it work on the pitch.  An excellent clean sheet to build upon and 3 points well deserved.  Burgess Hill deserve some credit for not giving the game up and were slightly better in the second half which makes this a very pleasing result.  Burgess Hill fans were excellent too in making the long trip and singing all the way through the game and their compliments on twitter about the club was a lovely gesture.

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