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Whilst it would be great to think that we will soon be soaring up the league, form generally would suggest otherwise and that we should be looking to how many points we might need to avoid relegation.

Three clubs go down and the last season that there was a 22-club league was 2012-2013.The team finishing 19th in that season plus the four before achieved 41,41,38,45 and 46 points respectively which would suggest that we might need around 43 points i.e.16 more than at present.This equates to, say, 4 wins and 4 draws.

This is one a game on average which is commensurate with the 27 from 26 games so far although this did reflect a relatively good start to the season.

As a matter of interest, East Thurrock went down with 50 points (!) a few years ago when four teams were relegated but that was pretty exceptional and unlikely to be the case this season.  

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I think we have to ask ourselves if there are 3 teams that we can realistically finish above, given all circumstances, and personally I feel there are, but it is close. The team have to keep training hard and I'm sure they are already. We were close to a result at Carshalton and they have done well this season by beating good teams to get to the last 16 of the FA Trophy. The first main little gap above us seems to be 15th to 16th, Bishop's Stortford to Potters Bar of 5 points. We just need to keep up with Potters Bar and Margate, perhaps go above one or both of them, as the season goes into the final third.

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We have a great bunch of players and they worked so hard on Monday night to try and get something out of the game.  From all the hard work that i have been watching in warm ups training and matches the changes being made from Mark and his team of coaches are working and the team has developed into a stronger faster and fitter unit with some great passing going on all accross the park but it just needs to come together consistently in the remaining matches.

I think the team will stay up and also move up this league as the season goes on but it will be tough and we need to keep getting behind them to cheer the lads on

come on you Urchins!


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