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Humour (the lack of it) and Town legends (the lack of acknowledgement)

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Brilliant result today, Really well done to the team.

Liam left.

He's our all-time top goal scorer. This is the headline on our web site: "Liam departs for second time". What's the suggestion there? That he decided to leave? Not the case. Wouldn't it have been nice if the powers that be had sanctioned a rather special 'goodbye'?

What happened when Mark left? Nothing. Most people were left wondering if he was still on loan or not. No official notification of the status of one of our greatest ever players.

Many of my messages are supposed to be taken tongue in cheek (hello Andy!), but not this one. Really annoyed that the powers that be don't acknowledge the players who have meant the most to us behind the goal.

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Well said BtG, but there is no sentiment in football to day. Often you do hear a few acknowledgement when people die but there are many players who have given a lot to the club over the years and at times made you proud to be part of it. Both before and after the start of the Towners.  Liam Hope being amongst them. 

My most memorable moment was the free kick involving Roger Day which resulted in a tap in goal. It was against Brighton away in the 2nd round the FA Cup in the late 1960s. The basics of it were copied, on numerous occasions, by many top Clubs after it appeared on TV.

Nostalgia is a wonderful thing. 

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They will Andy once they show supporters what is expected from them. So far Liam Hope has achieve this and Joe Wright is one well on his way to being another. 

The problem is that older members, like me, have seen so many great players who have worn the White vest at a higher level. Many of whom represented GB and their individual home countries both at the Olympic Games (1960) and other International competitions. It is hard therefore for current players to achieve similar status. But time will tell after all the renaissance is only just begun with the formation of the new Club and much has been achieved.

That is why I argue so much about keeping up our standards on the pitch so that our progression continues.


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Rudi Hall is pretty memorable!

Liam Hope will always be a Town legend. Don't think there were many who knew of him before he joined us but we certainly know his name now - written himself into Town history and can be very proud.

Without taking anything away from his first stint, I'm very pleasantly surprised with the positive contribution he made on his return. Thank you for your service to the club Liam, I'm sure you'll always be very welcome at ETFC.

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