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It's Official- Oasis Drummer Sacked...

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I can't believe they've sacked him! They haven't even given a reason. Anyway, this is what XFM had to say:


Top Story: Oasis Drummer Sacked – Official



Following last week’s tabloid rumours focusing on his recurrent health problems, it’s now been confirmed that Alan White has left Oasis after eight years, and it appears that the drummer was sacked.



A statement issued by the band on their official website today (January 16), explains that White has been relieved of his drumming duties, although it gives no reason as to why he was fired. It reads,


"Alan White has been asked to leave Oasis by the other band members. There are no plans to replace Alan. The band's scheduled recording sessions remain unaffected."


White missed a handful of live dates during Oasis’ last major tour with tendonitis, and was replaced by his elder brother Steve White (who normally plays with Paul Weller) and speculation has already started that White Snr will be moving onto the drumstool.


White is the band’s second drummer, having replaced original sticksman Tony McCarroll who was sacked from the band in 1995 (in 1999 he took his ex-bandmates to court and claimed a £550,00 pay off for his work on the songs which eventually ended up on the million selling ‘(What's The Story) Morning Glory’ album.)


Oasis are currently recording the follow up to 2002’s ‘Heathen Chemistry’ with Death In Vegas production team Richard Fearless and Tim Holmes.


By Matt Everitt.



I think they've made a major mistake. Alan was very popular with the fans and was part of the 'old skool' Oasis (okay, the Morning Glory-era Oasis). Plus, he was a top drummer! I knew he had health problems but I didn't think they'd actually SACK him!




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Totally gutted about it still! Heard it was done to a lack of commitment. Cheers for the text message yesterday Zealster.

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Woohoo I'm ahead! I can feel a phone call a phone call from Noel on its way!

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I think I should be the next drummer. I did lessons at school and they could do with an injection of youth into the band!


That stuff about commitment is such a rubbish reason. So he went off and played with his brother's band a few times. So what! What about Noel doing stuff with Wellar(Alan's brother drums for him, so I wonder if that friendship will last!), Chemical Brothers, Tailgunner etc and then there was Liams stuff with Death in vegas, steve Craddock, the Seahorses etc


what a load of [****!!****]!

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