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Prediction Lg: Wk 14 results, Playoff matches, Apr 27 by 15:00

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The Chins Are Staying Up
The Chins Are Staying Up
And now you're gonna believe us 
And now you're gonna believe us 
The Chins Are Staying Up  🥂

Not so Lord Upminster.  In an absolute thriller at Wivvers Avenue, a 14-14 draw was enough to see Wivenhoe Urchin complete an amazing Houdini act to stay up on goals scored and dispatch His Lordship to the wilderness of Collier Row.    To add to the agony, The Lord was one out (too low) on attendance... I don't know if Wivvers went to the Kingstonian match but if he did then that very act saw him home.

Down at the bottom of Div 2, Cool Hand Luke smashed in an incredible 17 goals against a hapless Jago (that's me) defence - this equals the best score of all time since we moved to the head--to-head format (matching the aforementioned Wivenhoe's feat way back in 2015-16).  This win also saw Luke leapfrog Cup of Tea for the feared Wooden Spoon position - which surprisingly is the first time the TeaMaster has finished bottom  (see season by season stats further down this enormously long and tedious post).  If you are looking for a season ticket next season then the Stadio della Luke is the place to go for goals - overall top scorer AND top conceder (is that a word?).  Great entertainment Mr Luke.

Oh yeah, and last but not least - Blackballed is Invincible, easily dispatching Lady Jago to emulate the Mighty Arsenal boys and PNE old-timers in going undefeated all season. Amazing stuff.  Very well done sir.

Next week we have the playoff semi finals - which has generated a police alert for the Jago derby.  Normal rules: one leg, "penalties" if necessary decided by closest to the attendance then highest league position.





One match - normal scoring rules.  Drawn matches decided by closest to attendance, then league position.


Matches to predict - 27th April by 15:00 

Inter Milan v Juventus
C Palace v Everton
Fulham v Cardiff
Wingate v Burgess Hill
Lewes v The Chins Are Staying UP
Att :

Good luck to you all - and see you at Lewes


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I promised some end of season stats in the last post but lost the will to live.  So you are not alone.    Hopefully you will enjoy looking at these - and maybe it adds insight into why Andy Thomson (Thompson?) decided to take a break! 



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Happy to take a points deduction as it's unlikely to affect my standing ;) 

Honestly surprised that I got 7 points out of it!!!! Thought 1-11 against Romford was a tad unlikely



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Inter Milan 1-2 Juventus
C Palace 1-2 Everton
Fulham 1-1 Cardiff
Wingate 2-1 Burgess Hill
Lewes 1-2 The Chins Are Staying UP

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