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Player of the Year

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I have a record of Players of the Year from 2005-06 onwards, but I am missing two seasons.

In 2005-06 it was Danny Cowley (Supporters) and Glen Golby (Players choice).

In 2006-07 Jim McFarlane won both players and supporters choices.

But I do not have the PoY results from 2008-08 and 2008-09 - can anyone help with these two seasons. Who won the Supporters and Players Player of the Year in those two seasons?



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this is is what I found on the forum for 2007-08 season. Can’t find anything for 08-09 though.

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5 hours ago, Wivenhoe Urchin said:

Who was/is nette?

Now there's a story for a cold wet night ...😁

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Here is what I have got so far - (Apologes for the poor quality of the formatting).

Nette was here in 08-09 but when Nette and they left and Colin took over I am not sure if there was ever any award made for PoY.

YEAR            SUPPORTERS                        PLAYERS

2005-06            Danny Cowley            Glen Golby

2006-07            Jim McFarlane            Jim McFarlane

2007-08            Elliot Styles            John Purdie

2008-09                        MISSING   - MISSING

2009-10            Darren Behcet              PLAYERS PLAYER - MISSING

2010-11            Elliot Styles -          PLAYERS PLAYER - MISSING

2011-12            Joe Anderson            Joe Anderson

2012-13            Alex Bentley            Alex Bentley

2013-14            Rickie Hayles            Rickie Hayles

2014-15            George Purcell            PLAYERS PLAYER - MISSING

2015-16            George Purcell            George Purcell

2016-17            Leon McKenzie            Kenzer Lee

2017-18            Nathan Cooper            Nathan Cooper

2018-19            Alex Bentley            George Saunders

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