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Great game last night! We looked quality and I cant wait for the season to start.

Just to let you know we have beaten our membership numbers from last year and we are now up to 73 members. We are getting close to our 100 members target. So please join at our next home game if you haven't already! The cost is £10 and you receive a, membership card, scarf and a badge.

Also the Supporters Association are in conversation with the club regarding introducing a hard plastic pint deposit scheme (like what you get at the cricket, rugby etc) to reduce plastic waste and provide a sturdy product to drink your beverage from.  At the beginning of each match day you will pay a £1 deposit on your first drink for the glass. At the end of the game, you can keep your glass or return it too the bar to get your £1 back. Alternatively, if you like to donate your £1 back to the club, you can deposit it in our designated bins within the clubhouse. 

What are people thoughts on this proposal? 


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 The hard plastic pint deposit scheme is a great idea.

Not footballing, but have been to two concerts in the past, both U2, i think, where they do this scheme.

Be great with the club crest on one side and then say contact details for the club or the Bridge Venue Function logo on the other side.

If this goes ahead, would Hornchurch be the first non-league club to do this? I cant think of any other.

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