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Now our brief money-spinning romance with the FA Cup is over for another year, our attention turns to the FA Trophy, which starts for us on Monday, with the Draw for the 1st Qualifying Round, when we will find out our opponents. Hopefully, the Draw will be kind to us, and we will have a good run in this competition. To help everyone plan ahead, here are dates of the FA Trophy Rounds, and the FA prize fund money on offer to the winners and losers in each Round.

Date                               Round                                                     Prize Money

26 October                   1st Qualifying              Winners 2450 pounds / Losers 800 pounds

9 November                 2nd Qualifying             Winners 3000 pounds / Losers 1000 pounds

23 November              3rd Qualifying               Winners 3750 pounds / Losers 1250 pounds

14 December              1st Round Proper         Winners 4500 pounds / Losers 1500 pounds

11 January                  2nd Round Proper        Winners 5250 pounds / Losers 1750 pounds

8 February                   3rd Round Proper         Winners 6000 pounds / Losers 2000 pounds

29 February                4th Round Proper         Winners 7500 pounds / Losers 2500 pounds

21 March                    Semi Final 1                   Winners 15000 pounds / Losers 5000 pounds

28 March                    Semi Final 2                    Winners 15000 pounds / Losers 5000 pounds

17 May                       FINAL                                Winners 60,000 pounds / Runners Up 30,000 pounds

Hope you find this a useful reference guide, and Town can match or improve on the circa 15K income we made from the FA Cup this season.
Be interested to hear your thoughts Towners on how far you think we will go in the FA Trophy this season.


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