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2019/20 Cup Competitions

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With so many cup competitions I thought I'd summarise where we are.  As things develop we'll add to the thread and update this post.  Latest status in bold.



07/09/2019 - 1st Qualifying Round - Hornchurch 6-0 Kempston Rovers
21/09/2019 - 2nd Qualifying Round - Potters Bar Town 2-0 Hornchurch



26/10/2019 - 1st Qualifying Round - Hornchurch 3-1 Berkhamsted
09/11/2019 - 2nd Qualifying Round - Basildon Utd 1-6 Hornchurch
23/11/2019 - 3rd Qualifying Round - Oxford City 1-1 Hornchurch
26/11/2019 - 3rd Qualifying Round Replay - Hornchurch 4-4 Oxford City.  Hornchurch win 4-1 on penalties
14/12/2019 - 1st Round - Hornchurch vs Dulwich Hamlet, 3pm kick off



Starts with a group competition, 7 groups of 6; 3 groups of 5.  3 teams (Dereham, Guernsey and Whitehawk) not competing.
Hornchurch enter the competition at the 3rd Round stage.
3rd Round draw - Winner Group 5 vs Hornchurch.

18/12/2019 - Knockout Stage 1 - Bracknell Town vs Hornchurch, 7:45pm kick off



Hornchurch enter the competition at the 3rd Round stage.
05/11/2019 - 3rd Round - Brentwood Town 2-4 Hornchurch
02/12/2019 - 4th Round - Chelmsford City 1-0 Hornchurch



20 teams in total
Round One - 4 matches
Hornchurch enter the competition at the 2nd Round stage

Date TBA - 2nd Round - Hullbridge Sports or Canvey Island vs Hornchurch

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Velocity Trophy Group 5 winner, will be one of the following; 

Bracknell Town v Marlow
Chalfont St Peter v Hanwell Town
Westfield v FC Romania

Thames side and Velocity we don't really need, as i don't think there is too much of a prize at the end.

Correct me if i'm wrong please....!

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Bracknell town have won 4 out of 5 games so will be them barring something very strange and they have tweeted the fixture as a fact. This is annoying as that is the only club out of the 6 group 5 clubs that I have already been to. 

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Updated the OP.

Bracknell have won Velocity Trophy Group 5.  4 points clear with only 1 game to go.


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On 05/11/2019 at 16:45, cup of tea said:

Seriously, what is the point of the Thames-Side Trophy???

Thank you Andy :) 

Don't knock the ETT Cuppa - we beat Orient once - first time I can actually remember us beating a league team.  Some time in the 80's  (OK it may not have been the first team exactly :)  ) - Plus it's a great piece of art wot we have even won once (see below).  I think it's been mothballed for a few years but some of you statos will be interested in the below...

  Here's a complete list of finals for the ETT....

1945-46 Leytonstone vs. Grays Athletic 6-5
1946-47 Leytonstone vs. Barking 2-1
1947-48 Grays Athletic vs. Romford 5-1
1948-49 Leytonstone vs. Barking 1-0
1949-50 Ilford vs. Romford 3-2
1950-51 Leytonstone vs. Walthamstow Avenue 4-3
1951-52 Romford vs. Leytonstone 1-1
Re-play Romford vs. Leytonstone 4-2
1952-53 Leytonstone vs. Barking 3-3
Trophy shared
1953-54 Walthamstow Avenue vs. Leytonstone 5-2
1954-55 Ilford vs. Leytonstone 4-0
1955-56 Romford vs. Ilford 5-4
1956-57 Barking vs. Ilford 3-0
1957-58 Romford vs. Barking 2-1
1958-59 Barking vs. Grays Athletic 2-0
1959-60 Ilford vs. Barking 2-0
1960-61 Dagenham vs. Leytonstone 3-2
1961-62 Walthamstow Avenue vs. Grays Athletic 1-0
1962-63 Dagenham vs. Leytonstone 3-1
1963-64 Dagenham vs. Leyton 1-0
1964-65 Leyton vs. Leytonstone 2-1
1965-66 Leytonstone vs. Ilford 4-1
1966-67 Leyton vs. Leytonstone 4-2
1967-68 Leytonstone vs. Walthamstow Avenue 3-1
1968-69 Dagenham vs. Grays Athletic 2-0
1969-70 Dagenham vs. Walthamstow Avenue 3-0
1970-71 Ilford vs. Dagenham 3-2
1971-72 Walthamstow Avenue vs. Clapton 3-1
1972-73 Leytonstone vs. Walthamstow Avenue 1-0
1973-74 Competition not completed (power shortages)
1974-75 Dagenham vs. Leytonstone 1-0
1975-76 Competition not completed (fixture congestion)
1976-77 Walthamstow Avenue vs. Leytonstone 2-0
1977-78 Walthamstow Avenue vs. Clapton 3-1
1978-79 Competition not completed (weather conditions)
1979-80 Aveley vs. Clapton 2-1
1980-81 Grays Athletic vs. Basildon United 2-1
1981-82 Leyton-Wingate vs. Basildon United 1-0
1982-83 Clapton vs. Southend United 1-0
1983-84 Clapton vs. Chelmsford City 3-3
Clapton win 5-4 on kicks from the penalty mark
1984-85 Hornchurch vs. Grays Athletic 2-2   -  Hornchurch win 5-4 on kicks from the penalty mark

1985-86 Walthamstow Avenue vs. Grays Athletic 3-2
1986-87 Billericay Town vs. Chelmsford City 1-0
1987-88 Grays Athletic vs. Tilbury 2-0
1988-89 Grays Athletic vs. Southend United 3-2
1989-90 Southend United vs. Redbridge Forest 4-1
1990-91 Grays Athletic vs. Billericay Town 1-0
1991-92 Billericay Town vs. Ford United 2-2
Billericay Town win 3-2 on kicks from the penalty mark
1992-93 Leyton vs. Rainham Town 5-4
1993-94 Canvey Island vs. Grays Athletic 2-2
Canvey Island win 4-3 on kicks from the penalty mark
1994-95 Purfleet vs. Chelmsford City 2-0
1995-96 Canvey Island vs. Witham Town 5-0
1996-97 Barking vs. Canvey Island 1-1
Barking win 8-7 on kicks from the penalty mark
1997-98 Canvey Island vs. Aveley 1-0
1998-99 Ford United vs. Southend United 2-1
1999-00 Canvey Island vs. Purfleet
Final not played (fixture congestion)
2000-01 Grays Athletic vs. Great Wakering Rovers 3-3
Grays Athletic win 3-0 on kicks from the penalty mark
2001-02 Grays Athletic vs. Tilbury 3-1
2002-03 Competition not completed (fixture congestion)
2003-04 Ford United vs. Barking 1-0
2004-05 Aveley vs. Romford 1-0
2005-06 Canvey Island vs. Maldon Town 3-0
2006-07 Aveley vs. Tilbury 3-1
2007-08 Brimsdown Rovers vs. Canvey Island 2-1
2008-09 Competition not completed (fixture congestion)

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