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Prediction Lg; Play-off semi scores/final matches - 14 Dec

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Well.  Good win for the Chins (not that I could be bothered was able to go), but some truly abject performances by our play-off protagonists in the Prediction League.  No wonder they couldn't qualify for automatic promotion. I suspect the Big Boyz in Div 1 are not exactly quaking in their boots. It wouldn't have taken that much research to establish that Monchengladbach had a pretty good chance v Bayern.   Anyways, here it all is in glorious monochrome...

Play off Semi finals, 2019-20 (Autumn)


On the plus side, at least it's 4th v 5th in the final rather than letting the unwashed of 6th or 7th sneak up.

AND SO TO THE PLAYOFF FINAL - and it's our two new boys. (Either it's a case of first timers' enthsiasm luck, or it's an indication of just how moribund the old timers have become).

14 December 2019...  IVOR STAND (Sir Colin) v BINARY CHOICES (MikeMike)

Please predict on the following ELECTION SPECIALS:

Genoa v Sampdoria (19:45)  (yes – that’s a massive derby match for all you xenophobic Brexiteer ignoramuses out there)
Burnley v Noocassle
Southampton v WHU
Birmingham v West Brom (yes – that’s a massive derby match for all you dilettante London-centric cafe-society Bremoaners out there)
‘ornchurch v Dulwich Dilettante Beardos

See you all next week against the Pink'n'Blues. Come on you Urchins.  (Trophy will be awarded to Mr D if Wivvers remembers to bring it)



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Let there be no misunderstanding, it's blind luck.
I didn't even realise I had joined this game until several days afterwards, the side effects of being drunk in charge of a keyboard.
You talk of "research" whatever that is, I just throw a dice and let lady luck decide my fate.
Dare I even try to beat Colin? I offered him a mince pie today (Tesco Finest, not cheap tat but maybe I need to go to Waitrose) and learnt he was vegetarian when he turned the offer down - who knew?

As I can't even find my way out of Thurrock without aid of a SatNav I'll have to resort to Google (other search engines are available) to even know what country Genoa and Sampdoria are in (are they even in same country? Both sound like made-up names actually).

In better news, my Isthmian Premier league treble came in at odds of 6.19 so maybe I should just stick with non-league. (Yes Mikey, I can afford to buy you a cuppa now [Pete and Ann, I already got you covered])

I feel that I should have randomly set some words into bold or coloured them red or strikethrough italic to match Jago's style.

Mind you, decent result today


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4 hours ago, CMcBride said:

0-0  1-1. 2-1 1-2 2-1 580 I know the attendance is correct 

Exactly - Minty is in your employ after all.

Mike - I'm afraid we will all be rooting for Sir Colin as he has (correctly?) predicted an Urchin win.

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I'll be rooting for a Hx win as well - and that is also where my real money will be.

With a 100% full strength team I would be more confident but I don't think we'll have everybody back which makes it a big ask.

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It is not normally my style to ignore a question.  Good manners and all that. 

But on this occasion the final result was on the cusp of being published - and to re-enforce the horror of the margin of Mike's defeat on this thread would have been rubbing salt into the wound.  I thought I'd spare him that pain.

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