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Sutton performance

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How much did you get paid for that exacting role, Rob?


A much improved and spirited performance, for me. Zoricicicic hh looked the part at right-back. 20 year old Lee Clarke, a striker released by Peterborough on Friday, caused them problems. Willis took his goal immediately after the break, well. A free header from a corner that was never going to miss. He looked as though he has scored one or two like that in his time.


Cogger showed his pace wide on the right. Seeby did well in the midfield, particularly in the first half.


We were exposed at the back too often, and we didn't get the rub of the green once. We had a couple of chances late on.


An entertaining game on a very heavy pitch. The attendance was 516 with 50 or so Saintsfans.

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No payment was forthcoming, AAFF, although the reserve strikers did kindly warm my hands on a couple of occasions, shame they couldn't do something about the frostbite in the feet!


Cogger was sorely missed, but little Adam Smith caught the eye as did Amadue Riley as right back / wing half against much bigger, older, more experienced opposition.

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interesting to note how Canvey celebrated after the final whistle...a sure sign that they were relieved to get the victory


well played young fellas

a credit to sacfc


tho there No.11 was a racist scumbag, who was fortunate.... and as for the Ref, 1 on 1 with the keeper to beat and you just give a yellow?

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Yeah I'd go with AFF on that summary. Saw enough to think that maybe this season won't be a complete write off. Zorich and Clarke did well but Willis didn't really shine apart from his goal.


AFF informed me the 3rd goal was offside and the 4th helped on by another piss poor ref is documented on the general forum. All the goals were a result of attacks down our left, I think Corey was meant to be the left back, somebody should of told him!


Cogger and Seeby looked good. Oakes was dropped and did bugger on when he came on. Our keeper looked a bit suspect at times.


If thats the quality of the teams about 13th place then with some postive application we can climb the table.


Bedford is now a must win, they are in freefall and lost 4-1 at home to Northwood on Saturday, if they win we could find ourselves 6 points adrift from 6th from bottom or worse still in the bottom 4. It hasn't helped that they sacked the manager on Saturday!

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