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Can't fault the workrate much of the time............however people seem content.......I know there are a few regulars on here who expect more.


However, we should never settle, fan owned or not......and whilst we have a decent squad......I do think we should be doing much better than we currently are.

Otherwise we're just saying that we are happy to just trundle along and maintain the status quo.   Why support your team if you don't want to be entertained, promise of better.......and what ifs???


As stated now that we can't rely on the uncertainty of Mo's talents.....be interesting to see if and how we adapt!

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DWJ , your third paragraph is precisely what I said more than two years ago. I still have a sneaking feeling that there are some who feel that there is nothing wrong with keeping the status quo and that all we do is gripe.

I  don't know whether this is shared by some of the Board. If it is then there we have all reached an impasse.*

I feel that our forward line is more than adequate to be successful. However, we are still crying out for someone to revitalise the defence. If there is no chance of further recruitment then it is up to the playing management staff to come up with a scheme to address this with what they have at their disposal. After all they brought them together now is the time to reorganise them!!!!


*Nb. Before anyone suggests I am insinuating that the Board is split, my comment is purely hypothetical . The actual question has never arisen as I have always assume they act in unison. 

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