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Proposed New Non League Football Magazine

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There is currently a thread on another Forum that appears to have set hares sprinting and a survey by a journalist/student proposing a new Non League Football magazine and how it should get off the ground. Some of you may wish to complete the survey which has unsurprisingly received some scepticism and criticism, it's probably unlikely the magazine will ever see the cold light of day:


Hi all. I'm a journalist and am in the process of creating a non-league football magazine, to help us decide on how the magazine will look/work I would really appreciate it if you could spare 10 minutes to fill out this survey. Thank you so much


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In relation to this thread, most of you will remember the newspaper Non League Today which was launched in August 2007 by 'maverick' David Watters, a former news editor of the Non-League Paper who left to set up his own paper which, unfortunately, only lasted until January 2009. It was a shame as I found it to be a very good publication and arguably a lot more informative and reader friendly than the Non-League Paper, there just isn't room for two Non League Sunday papers on the market and why it's very unlikely any proposed new Non League magazine will see the cold light of day. Speaking of that Non League Today paper, I happened to be in contact with  David Watters at the time the so called Great One (Clement Temile) was in the running for the vacant Nigeria job and he ran the article below on 30 March 2008, Clement was then the Kentish Town supremo and the Club unsurprisingly went on to lift the SSML Division One Championship trophy in that 2007/2008 campaign:




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