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This looks controversial - essentially, they're saying the season should end now, either null and void or with final positions allocated on a points per game basis. I couldn't be more opposed....




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Agree it would be bad for us fans .. and we had a shout at play offs … my preference has always been to restart whenever ready and finish season in its entireity - then worry about next season


Seems to be financially motivated - and a way to stop player contracts immediately

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I don’t think the league had any choice. Though I feel sorry for teams that were dead certs for the title or promotion.

Nobody could have predicted this and I doubt that the league’s constitution allowed for anything else. It is perfectly clear that the 2019/2020 season can not be finished - I just hope that 2020/2021 can start afresh on time.

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EDS Refunds of fines and league registration payments! Will you be wanting supporters to get their gate money back? 

All clubs will need as much money as possible and so will the leagues. The season is over, there’s more to life than football and the decision won’t please everyone. However, what we all want is to see all our fellow supporters in the autumn.

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I have to agree with Andy and OT. At  the present time I am only concentrated on hoping as many of us stay clear of the virus and through out the nation come out of this fit and healthy. The sooner that it's over we can all get back to what we do best on this forum, see things differently. Until then lets all hope for a better future for all of us Old and Young alike.

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I still feel the decision of our league/the FA to make the season null and void is premature. 

The FA Council have, I understand, yet to ratify the decision and there is a campaign to ask them to reconsider.

1) A petition - https://www.change.org/p/the-fa-completion-of-all-football-leagues

2) A letter signed so far by 132 club chairmen and growing every day. Not surprisingly, I see that Worthing have added their name to this.


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On 01/04/2020 at 14:13, Wildlife rescue said:

Why reconsider.

Surly football matters are totally irrelevant in these very dificult times.

Season over let's all move on.

Consistency should then dictate that ALL leagues should accept the season is over (null and void) and move on..Including the Premier league ,Football league and National league.??

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